Sunday School

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Sunday School

Purpose/Mission Statement:

To teach the youth of our parish the basics about the Word of God. The Archdiocese Curriculum and Texts are used.

Time Commitment:

Students attend the Sunday Divine Liturgy weekly. Following HOLY COMMUNION, students attend their classes in the Cultural Center.


Pre-kindergarten begins at age 3 (if potty-trained) through high school. The Sunday School is always in need of dedicated teachers.


Sunday School begins the second Sunday in September and runs through the last Sunday in May.

Christmas Pageant Held the Sunday before Christmas. All Sunday School classes participate as actors, singers and/or readers. Most dress up in costumes.

Godparent Sunday Children invite their Godparents to sit with them in Church and receive HOLY COMMUNION together as a spiritual family. Following the Divine Liturgy there is a Breakfast/Luncheon to honor this special day.

Sunday of Orthodoxy Children bring icons from home and walk around the Church in the procession with the Clergy and Altar boys to celebrate the Sunday of Orthodoxy.

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