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  • Translation of the Relics of Stephen the Protomartyr August 2, 2024
    After the First Martyr had been stoned to death (see Dec. 27), Gamaliel, his teacher, encouraged certain of the Christians to go by night and take up the Saint's body and bury it in his field, which was at a distance of some twenty miles from Jerusalem and was called by his name, "Kaphar-gamala," that […]
  • Joseph the Righteous of Arimathea July 31, 2024
    In Orthodox Christian countries, individuals traditionally celebrate their nameday instead of their birthday. Since Orthodox Christians are usually named after a saint or feast day of the Church, all those having the same name celebrate together on that saint's feast or the particular feast of the Church.All those named after Joseph the Righteous of Arimathea […]
  • Silas & Silvanos the Apostles of the 70 July 30, 2024
    Saint Silas was a companion and fellow labourer of the Apostle Paul: "And Paul chose Silas and departed...and he went through Syria and Cilicia, confirming the churches" (Acts 15:40-41). He later became Bishop of Corinth, and reposed in peace. Saint Silvanos became Bishop of Thessalonica, and also reposed in peace. Saint Crescents, whom Saint Paul […]
  • Irene the Righteous of Chrysovalantou July 28, 2024
    Saint Irene, who was from Cappadocia, flourished in the ninth century. Because of her great beauty and virtue, she was brought to Constantinople as a prospective bride for the young Emperor Michael (842-867); however, as Saint Joannicius the Great foretold, it was God's will that she assume the monastic habit instead. She shone forth in […]
  • Panteleimon the Great Marytr & Healer July 27, 2024
    This Saint, who had Nicomedia as his homeland, was the son of Eustorgius and Eubula. His father was an idolater, but his mother was a Christian from her ancestors. It was through her that he was instructed in piety, and still later, he was catechized in the Faith of Christ by Saint Hermolaus (see July […]
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  • AoB Executive Committee Prays for Peace in the World June 4, 2024
    The Executive Committee lamented the violence and divisions that have affected Ukraine and Gaza. As peacemakers, intercessors for healing and reconciliation, they encourage the whole of humanity to metanoia, to repentance and spiritual conversion, returning to the ways of forgiveness, compassion, peace, and love as taught by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  • Assembly of Bishops Hires Director of Inter-Parish Associations March 1, 2024
    Spyridoula is grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve Christ and His Church. It is her hope that all the ministries of the Assembly, especially the Inter-Parish Associations, will catalyze parishes and faithful to strengthen and to grow their witness of Christ’s love in the world.
  • ANNOUNCEMENT: The North American Orthodox-Catholic Consultation Addresses Commonalities in their Respective Traditions on the Sacredness of Christian Marriage February 29, 2024
    Christians from the Orthodox and Catholic Churches in the United States and Canada have engaged in dialogue for more than a half-century. Most recently, the representatives from the two faith traditions, announced the publication of new agreed statement on marriage, The Pastoral Care of Mixed Marriages: Neither Yours nor Mine – but Ours.
  • The Pastoral Care of Mixed Marriages: Neither Yours nor Mine—but Ours February 29, 2024
    While commonalities exist between the two faith traditions, the Theological Consultation acknowledged that estrangement can often be seen when a Catholic and an Orthodox Christian enter into marriage. Instead of dividing the parties in a mixed marriage into “yours” and “mine,” the Consultation proposed that the parties begin with a joint solicitude for the spouses […]
  • Mission Sunday 2024 February 26, 2024

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